Cyber Security For Businesses

Posted By Admin   -   Posted On July 7, 2018

Small and medium size companies may not worry so much about cyber security because they don't think of themselves as targets. They cannot be more wrong. Cyber-crime knows no company sizes or industries. Additionally, there are new malware types and automated hacking tools and cyber-criminal activities that have become more accessible and cheaper as targets.

First, it is important for businesses to understand why cyber security is imperative and how it can bring value to the business. The main objective of any business should be to protect the business and its data before thinking about the security controls and frameworks. A business should not implement security controls due to a recent attack. It should be implemented in the initial stages to prevent any cyber-crime.

The goal of a cyber-attack is to steal sensitive data including bank account data, credit card information and personal information. If your data is not protected it can cause serious damage to the business and your customers. Companies that have been breached must alter the victims. Informing a whole group of customers is not only expensive but will cause irreparable damage to the reputation of the business.

Once businesses understand the intricacies of cyber risks there are some steps that they must take to do some damage control. First and foremost, review the current IT portfolio. The hardware and software, network infrastructure, remote workers, and third-party connections of the existing IT environment should be reviewed. This is to offer insight into current technologies.

The second step is to conduct a risk assessment. This assessment is effective for businesses to figure out what controls are working and what needs remediation. The risks at hand will enable businesses to start the discussion on what needs to be updated and replaced. Having a clear picture of the risks will enable businesses to have a security procedure in place without impacting the businesses' growth or profitability.

It is imperative to remember that there is no vacuum in cyber security. Once a risk baseline has been established by businesses, a strategic plan can be developed to implement cyber security. The cyber security strategy can be aligned with businesses that have not had any plans to date to hire security staff. In addition, the risks should continue to be addressed with proper management of security controls. Hire the best management company to kickstart your business.

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