Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.



Ms. Rena Clute-Simon

Ms. Rena Clute-Simon has an international education in business, finance and law. Her career has led her to live in various countries and Dubai as a base has been proven to be incomparable for traveling.

Ms. Clute-Simon was born in Germany, where she spent most of her childhood, after which she moved to Switzerland to complete her high school diploma and then to moved to the UK and Australia to complete her university degrees.

Her professional experience ranges from working with charities, setting up businesses and developing the company’s international network. She is continuously progressing in her education, taking courses in areas such as international compliance regulations and company law.Next to work, she enjoys an active life and traveling, learning about new countries and cultures.


Ms. Alina Abdyldaeva

Ms. Alina Abdyldaeva has completed her university degree at the Bishkek Financial And Economic Academy (Kyrgyzstan) in 2005 and has been certified as an Accountant since.

To further her career, Ms. Abdyldaeva has received the Accounting Professional Diploma in December 2015 as well as the Certificate of completion of the IFRS course, both from the Arab Institute for Accountants & Legal, attested by Knowledge & Human Development Authority, Dubai, U.A.E. In regards to her professional experience, Ms. Abdyldaeva has 8 years of experience as an accountant in trade and service providing companies.

In addition to her experience as an accounting professional, she has 3 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry (2 years in the Grand Hyatt Doha, Qatar, and 1 year in the Jumeirah Group, Dubai, UAE), which helped her to improve her ‘soft skills’, which encompass communication, humility, collaboration and interpersonal awareness, flexibility and team work.

For further her growth, Ms. Abdyldaeva is planning to expand her experience and study “Project Management” as well as the study of further foreign languages.In her free time, she enjoys literature (Psychology of Self-Knowledge), photography and yoga.


Mrs. Kavita Rathore

Mrs. Kavita Rathore has a Law Degree from Rajasthan, India. Her professional experience includes the setting up of business entities in the UAE, labour law, compliance regulations, family office and business consulting.

Mrs. Rathore’s professional experience also includes the setting up of business entities outside the UAE, the drafting of by-laws, bank account opening, labour & employment law, visa services, basic compliance regulations & KYC update, legalisations services, family office and business consulting.

She has a significant experience working with different government departments in UAE and therefore knows the key skill to get the work done from such authorities.

On the personal level, Mrs. Rathore enjoys meeting new people and being part of new projects related to the growth and development of her skills. She is always interested to learn about upcoming developments in the global market. Her favourite pastime is reading books, listening to soft music and being with her family.


Mrs. Joanne Vaz

Mrs. Joanne Vaz is a Chartered Accountant with over 9 years of professional experience in public practice. She also holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Accounting from the University of Southern Queensland in Australia.

She also completed her Chartered Accountancy program in Australia.Mrs. Vaz was born and raised in Dubai and moved to Australia to become a qualified Chartered Accountant. She gained her Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Accounting from the University of Southern Queensland in 2007.

She also completed her Chartered Accountancy program in 2011 from the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand while simultaneously working full time as an accountant in public practice. She moved back to Dubai in 2016 to gain new work experiences and to be closer to family.

She has over 9 years of experience working as an accountant focusing mainly on tax. She also has experience in management accounting, bookkeeping, providing advice on various accounting and tax issues and other accounting compliance work. Her aim is to keep things simple and easy so the clients can understand their financial affairs better.In her spare time, Mrs. Vaz enjoys swimming, doing voluntary work, hiking, travelling and trying different cuisines.


Ms. Emma Cronin

Ms. Emma Cronin is an admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa. After completing her articles of clerkship in Cape Town, Emma relocated to the Middle East and has been practicing law in Dubai since 2014.

With a Bachelor of Laws from South Africa, as well as experience in the complexities of UAE law, Ms. Cronin is able to provide legal consultancy surrounding a variety of issues, over multiple jurisdictions, particularly concerning commercial law, estate planning and tax advisory, real estate acquisition and dispute as well as arbitration.

Being positioned in the UAE has presented Ms. Cronin with exposure to legal issues that transcend multiple jurisdictions, accessibility and availability to client’s present in the UAE and throughout the globe, as well as vast encounter with alternate cultures, thereby offering unprecedented locale for legal issues and conflicts to be resolved.

Ms. Cronin is an avid reader and aspiring hiker, keen on travel and writing.


Ms. Marina Kalinina

Ms. Marina Kalinina has her financial degree from Russia. She is hardworking individual with over 10 years of professional experience in executive assistant roles, general office management and support.

Having lived and studied in San Diego, California, Moscow, Russia and currently in Dubai, UAE, she is well-travelled and familiar with the cultures of key markets.

After finishing high school in Russia Ms. Kalinina relocated to the United States, California, to study English and Spanish. After graduating from the International English Academy, she moved back to Russia to complete her University degree. Her career then brought her to Dubai to gain new work experience.

Her key strengths are communication, building strong relationships and delivering the highest standards in all aspects of work.

Ms. Kalinina enjoys travelling, yoga, psychology and reading in her free time.

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