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Business Set Up

Business Set Up

As a full service company, we offer our clients individualized solutions and services. Every client is special and unique, as are our services. Being a boutique consultancy, we have the flexibility and personalized service to provide our clients an all-round service. 

With an international network at our finger tips, we are not only able to provide services at our location in Dubai, but in many other jurisdictions and regions world-wide.

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Are you planning on incorporating a new company? A new branch? A representative office? Relocate to the United Arab Emirates? Are you looking for a holding company, an investment company or a trading company?

Finding the right corporate set up and location for your new business venture can be challenging in a new legislation.

With more than 20 free zones in Dubai alone and 60+ free zones in the UAE, in addition to mainland options, it can be hard to find the right option for you. With over 15 years of experience, we will find the right fit for you.

Each company deserves its own place and attention. We make sure we find the right fit for your business venture, taking care of the necessary documentation, compliance requirements, authority visits and bank account opening.

With so many nationalities represented in the UAE, many options lay before you. We build on trust and consistency. Full transparency in all processes and commitment to find the best solution for you.

The daily running of a company takes time and effort, decisions need to be made, invoices issued, follow up on projects to be made. 

Certain activities add value to your daily routine, some do not. We at SENAT MEA can support you with providing corporate services, such as the annual renewal of your company registration license, so you never renew late or end up with penalty fees. 

Additionally we can support your authority errands and support in following the correct regulations for your business. 

As regulations and processes constantly change, it is hard to keep track and know which location and which advice to follow. With many years of experience in the dynamic bureaucracy world of the United Arab Emirates, we can support your corporate with our services.

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Conference Room


At SENAT MEA we are specialized at finding the right corporate location for your business venture. With a wide international network and trusted partners, we find the right market for you.

Having set up numerous international and national structures to suit our clients' needs, we have the expertise to find the right form for you.

We have accompanied many clients from first setting up their business to handing it over to the next generation. Profit from our experience and be sure to have the correct processes in place for a smooth transition, as well as clear understanding of the international legal framework that you may be facing. 

Globalisation has made the world a very interconnected world and no market exists in isolation. Connecting the right dots and connecting the right people is important and we value our connections to support our clients to reach their goals.

Do you have a project planned, but do not have access to resources or expertise?

At SENAT MEA we support our clients' projects in full or collaborate with other partners together to finish your project and to level up the outcome. In the UAE and internationally we have accompanied various projects in the educational, health and IT sector, as well as charity work and providing regulatory support and expertise in the planning, assessing, execution and performance of projects. 

Each project is unique and requires attention to detail, but also an understanding of the bigger picture. With an international team of various experts we can support you make your project become a success.

Being based in Dubai gives us a vast exposure to many business ventures and projects, EXPO2020 being the biggest ever realized project in the region. 

If you would like to participate, be part of the vibrant environment of the UAE, contact us today to become your partner to success.

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"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

Walt Disney

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