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As a full service company, we offer our clients individualized solutions and services. Every client is special and unique, as are our services. Being a boutique consultancy, we have the flexibility and personalized service to provide our clients an all-round service. 

With an international network at our finger tips, we are not only able to provide services at our location in Dubai, but in many other jurisdictions and regions world-wide.



Do you have the right corporate form, the right license activity, the correct location for your business? 

Within the legal framework of the UAE, we have more than 60 free zones and each has their own regulatory framework under the federal UAE law applicable to all companies.

Be sure to have the correct understanding of how to legally operate within and outside the UAE with your business. At Senat MEA we understand the regulations and regulatory challenges well to support our clients to operate without worrying about any legal repercussions

We support you to have the correct corporate legal framework to run your business and to support your corporate incorporation to achieve your strategic goals for the future.

As you open and incorporate a new business or execute changes to an existing company, many changes need written confirmation. Memorandum of Association and contracts may be signed and have to be compliant with the regulatory law and legislation, while still benefitting your objectives and goals.

Within the process of supporting you with our advice, we make sure you have the best support to have peace of mind when it comes to your paperwork. Assistance and advice on commercial documentation, as well as proofing documents for you is part of our services.

In the UAE, companies are required to renew their licenses annually. With renewed efforts to tighten regulations, license activities are detailed and must be complied with. The right business license and activities need to be chosen to suit your business model.

With experience in multiple jurisdictions, we can support your company and yourself to be aware of regulatory changes and potential opportunities for your business.





Within the 21st century many changes have occurred in the world, one of them is the rise of compliance regulations all across the world.

Every jurisdiction has formulated and is still developing their compliance legislations and regulations. Authorities have been formed and compliance guidances published.

With the rise in compliance regulations, so came the question about how to stay compliant within the framework of each jurisdiction.

With experience within various jurisdictions, we understand compliance and provide assistance to our clients to stay compliant, to follow the guidelines and to avoid any pitfalls which may be avoided.

Staying on top of all regulatory changes in our job and we support our clients to do the same. 

Owning real estate across the world and specifically in the UAE many questions arise to any commercial and / or private investor. If it is your first property or one of many.

We can answer your questions and navigate the real estate market of the UAE together. With our partners we can support you in the full process of finding the right real estate agent, guide you through the buying process and how to connect to the right authorities afterwards, so that the light is shining and the water is running.

With experience in the market and exposure to the news and developments in the real estate market of the UAE we can provide guidance and support to our clients, as to make the experience an enjoyable one.





In the UAE, residency within the country for non GCC citizens is linked to employment, in most cases. Other visa options, such as freelance visa, investor visa, investment visa, student visa, retiree visa, etc. are available as well.

Finding the right option for you and your employees is our job. With changes in the market, the employment and labor law keeps being updated and changes are being implemented. With good communication we can support your adaptation to the new changes, also as new visa processes are being applied and authorities are becoming more and more digitalized

We can support you obtaining your visa and make sure your experience is a hassle free one with a clear understanding of timelines and requirements.

Accompanying you to authorities and making sure your process goes smoothly and nothing gets left out. 

Let us know if you need visa support, as well as if we can support your HR team in any employment questions.

Investing your assets in an opportunity or a venture is an exciting time. With backing of partners in the asset management sector, we may support you with our experience to navigate the market and to find the right partners for you.

The UAE is an evolving market, with great infrastructure and a developing legislation to suit the many nationalities and cultures living in this nation. Many opportunities are presented and many options lay before you. We partner with you to find solid leads to hit the ground running.

In collaboration with European partners, we may connect you to receive professional advice and rely on trustworthiness and transparency.

Do contact us, if you have any questions personally or professionally.



"I never dreamed about success - I worked for it."

Estee Lauder

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