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As a full service company, we offer our clients individualized solutions and services. Every client is special and unique, as are our services. Being a boutique consultancy, we have the flexibility and personalized service to provide our clients an all-round service. 

With an international network at our finger tips, we are not only able to provide services at our location in Dubai, but in many other jurisdictions and regions world-wide.



Accurate record-keeping is essential to a successful business. This can however be a complicated, costly and time consuming process for a business. Let us look after your bookkeeping for you, enabling you to focus on what matters the most.

Choosing the right accounting software is important and we may help you finding the right one for you and also assist with the setup. We can also assist with the recording and the processing day-to-day business transactions like preparing sale invoices, receiving customer payments, bill payments, disbursements, and withdrawals. 

We would maintain the required ledgers; reconcile for accountability ts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, bank, cash accounts, etc. According to your preference monthly, weekly or daily reports may be prepared.

Additionally the correct filing and organization of your documents may be ensured by us to keep a well-maintained filing system, in case the authorities may request any records for viewing.

All companies are required to prepare annual financial accounts using international reporting standards as per The UAE Commercial Companies Law. The Federal Tax Authority also mandates that all companies maintain the accounting records and commercial books.

In addition to this, the financial ststemtnes should highlight the true position of the financial entity. A good financial report should be accurate, clear and easy to understand. It should provide you with valuable information to make informed decisions.

As we have a thorough understanding of the accounting and regulatory reporting obligations, we can assist you in preparing the financial statements. The reports can be produced with as much detail as you like to make them easy for you to read, understand and make well-informed decisions.





At SENAT MEA our objective is to help our clients reach their financial goals and maintain financial balance for their companies. We can assist you with developing and achieving your goals by developing realistic strategies and budgets.

Preparation of customized plans may support your path towards keeping track of your targets, sales, expenses and to keep accountability.

We give you the tools to have more control over your personal and business expenses and income, so you may focus on operations and additional areas requiring your attention and make educated decisions. 

With a team of experts we support your goals to make sure your operations run financially smooth and that you may always have a clear understanding of your situations and goals ahead.

The UAE Commercial Companies Law requires that companies in the mainland should have their financial statements audited every year. This is also a requirement for some free zones. We can assist you in fulfilling this requirement and meeting the deadlines for submission of the report, therefore reducing your administrative load.

SENAT MEA may provide assistance in relation to any audit requirements for your company. If you require support with providing documents, leasing or assistance at any stage of the audit process with the authorities, we may provide assistance.

Our team of experts understand to resolve your issues in the most efficient way possible, so your audit reports are well documented, filed and ready, in case of any external inquiry.  



"Accounting is the language of business."

Warren Buffett

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