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5 Year Green UAE Resident Visa


11 Aug 2022

The United Arab Emirates has introduced long-term residence visas for different categories of residents, such as investors, entrepreneurs, specialized talents, etc.

The New Green Visa was also introduced recently. Such visas will be targeting highly skilled individuals, investors, entrepreneurs, top students and graduates, and business owners.

Previously, the residency status was given to expats with employment only.
The employer was considered a sponsor of the employee, and if an employee lost their job, they were forced to leave the country within one month or find a new job.
With the new Green Visa, the employer has no longer the right to cancel your residency, even if you change your job.

Most importantly, a visa includes sponsoring a spouse, first-degree relatives, and dependents. For example, previously parents could sponsor the visa for their daughter until she is married, however, sons were only allowed to be sponsored until the age of 18.
Now sons can be sponsored until the age of 25 by green visa holders.
This also applies to children that have special needs. They will be given a residency permit with no limit or restrictions on age as well. The Green Visa also allows sponsoring your parents if they have special care health requirements.


Skilled Employees

If you are highly skilled professional, you need to register with the Ministry of Labour as a foreign employee. In case you are a specialist or a technician, you will need to have a certificate of employment in the UAE.
Bachelor’s degree is a must, otherwise, you need to be registered in the National Qualification Classification System as a first, second or third level.
The applicant’s salary should not be less AED 15 000. This is to ensure that you have a good standard of living.

Investors or Partners

The Green residency for investors or partners gives the opportunity to have five years visa, compared to a previous one for only two years.
The candidate will have to provide proof of a total capital investment of AED 1 000 000 in the United Arab Emirates. If the investor has multiple licenses, the total investment will be calculated.
The investment needs to be approved by the local authorities after.

Self-Employed Individuals

To register as a self-employed individual, you need to obtain a self-employment permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.
Having a bachelor’s degree or equivalent is an absolute must.
Providing evidence of an annual income from the past 2 years is required. You will need to show proof of an annual income from self-employment for the previous two years of AED 360,000.
If you’re unable to provide proof of annual income from the past two years, you can provide proof of financial stability for the time being in the country.

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