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UAE Coronavirus Status Report


1 Apr 2020

The spread of Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19)has disrupted the movement and operation of bothindividuals and businesses across the globe. In this uncertain time, we have compiled the following update in order to briefly inform of the current status in theUAE’s response to the pandemic.

Cases of the Covid-19 virus in the UAE are recorded at 664 at dateand, in response, the government has implemented several measures to attempt to slow the spread of the virus, including the following:

- All nurseries, schools and learninginstitutionsin the UAE were closed for four weeks from 8th March. On 30th March the UAE Ministry of Education announced that distance learning will continue until the end of the academic year for schools that start in September, and until the end of the first semester for schools which start in April.
- Travel restrictions apply from 17thMarch with UAE Residents, who are currently out of the country, prevented from reentering the country for a renewable period of two weeks from 19th March, subject to extension
- Suspension of all passenger flights, into and out of the Emirates, from 25th March until further notice
- Travel ban has been placed on all UAE Nationals and UAE citizens abroad have been instructed to return as soon as possible
- Visitors within the UAE can extend their stay, and the requirement of medical test for residency visa renewal has been waived for domestic workers and labourers, in the UAE
- Events, tourist and cultural destinations, most amusement facilities, bars and public beaches have closed (the extent of the closures differ between each Emirate)
- Passenger cruises are not allowed to dock in the UAE

The National SterilisationProgramme was introduced on 27th March for three days, which Programme has since been extended until 5th April across the UAE and involves the sterilization of all public facilities, public transportation, and Metro services from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am every day.

The UAE has further implemented the #stayhome campaign, with strict penalties applied for anyone that fails to observe the above curfew and other restrictions in place to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

Together with the above measures, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai presented an AED 1.5 billion (USD 410 million) stimulus package with 15 initiatives that serve the retail, trade, tourism and energy sectors in Dubai to reduce costs for the business sector and residents for the next three months. Water and electricity bills are to be reduced by 10%, and hotels are now exempt from postponement fees for tourism and sports activities.

The Central Bank of the UAE has announced a comprehensive AED 100 billion Targeted Economic Support Scheme to contain the repercussions of the pandemic Covid-19.

Further and other measures to assist businesses and individuals in the UAE are announced daily as the government recognizes the difficulties experiences during these uncertain times. We, at Senat MEA DMCC, areclosely monitoring these developments and continue to keep you informed.

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Senat MEA DMCC’s team of lawyers, accountants and business consultants are highly qualified and come from a variety of backgrounds enabling us to supply you with incomparable expertise and outstanding services.

This article is based on publicly available information and given for informational purposes only. It is not intended as legal advice or as a comprehensive analysis of the matters referred to herein.

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