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UAE Residency as an alternative to the Cypriot Investment Scheme


18 Feb 2020

Cyprus, a traditional citizenship haven, gained a lot of criticism and scrutiny over the years. The UAE presents an attractive alternative for international investors.

Cyprus has historically attracted interest as one of the quickest and most efficient routes to EU citizenship however, owing to the increased skepticism and international crackdown related to golden passports and citizenship for investor schemes, the Cypriot Investor Scheme has seen further limitations imposed to the program with further changes expected to be rolled out within the coming months.

Some of the changes to be implemented by the Cypriot government include limitation of the number of applicants for citizenship to just 700 individuals per year, increasing the investment period required from three to five years, monetary donation required over and above investment, as well as enhanced due diligence and background checks for investors to overcome.

With limitation of such programs being introduced across the world, alternative methods of residency and investment opportunity are being sought and the United Arab Emirates presents an attractive option.

The United Arab Emirates are:
- Centrally located on the Persian Gulf
- Politically stable
- Easily accessible
- Year round blue skies
- No income or wealth tax

Should you require assistance or wish to learn more of the UAE Residency as an Investment Scheme, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Senat MEA DMCC’s team of lawyers, accountants and business consultants are highly qualified and come from a variety of backgrounds enabling us to supply you with incomparable expertise and outstanding services.

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